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Environemental Friend is a mod about being eco-friendly in you small island!

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Created by maxigregrze on September 23, 2018
Tagged with: new feature,recycle
Times downloaded: 50

Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

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You'll no find waste/litter all over your island (not really a lot of them, but enough for you to get started).
Collect your first waste and you'll recieve the processing station from farm fan, to proceed thoses useless items into usefull materials that can be sold or recycled.
Once it's done, get back to FarmFan and you'll be able to get the Recycling Station, that will give you an usefull item based on the material cube you put inside! Items inclues usefull material that were not craftable before like nails or glass panels and also unique furniture based on thoses materials!
The mod currently includes:
Two Crafting Stations
Litters Items that generate into your world
+10 Outputs, including a brand new "cardboard" line of furniture and clothing!