Western Fence and Gate *alpha* Featured mod! Report

A fence style for the 'Highfalutin' ranchers of the Staxel world

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Created by Mighty_Borlaug on April 23, 2017
Tagged with: western, wagon wheel, brown, wood, reclaimed, shabby chic
Times downloaded: 21

Rating: 5.0 (1 votes)

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When you see the ranch fences that line the property of wealthy ranchers, they have nuance. This is a guy who has 1,600 head of cattle, two tractors, a whole bailing system, bunker silos, silage operation and enough money to pay somebody else to do the work for them.
Well, around Staxel, we do our own work but there's no reason not to be proud of what you do. Here we have a reclaimed wooden fence with a wagon wheel featured in the middle. Drop wood has been used in place of actual fence poles to give it an organic feel. Some parts are worn and have been out in the sun for a dog's age but it's sturdy.
Your gate is wide and roomy, plenty tall for the cousins that come 'round. A pair of smaller wheels strengthen the arch for years of use as the entrance to your Home on the Range.

Once downloaded, click on the mods tab in the launcher. Drop the .zip into your mods folder and extract it there. As long as 'Community Projects' is in your mods folder, it should work. Run Content Builder once after extract and the objects will be in the game, available to order out of Honey.comb station.